Vintage Table Setting

Do you have an upcoming

small event or social gathering? 

A special anniversary,

girlfirends get-together

celebratory shower?


Rustic Wedding Decoration

We absolutely love to help
put the final touches on your event! 

From centerpieces to guest book tables,
food buffets to cake displays,
we can add the decor and finishings
to make your event memorable!

We provide full-setup and take-down of:
Floral and vintage centerpieces, greenery and foliage displays, decor baskets, customized decor vignettes and decor "fillers" for gift table, cake table, etc.
display table linens, and a variety of other options! Just ask!

Note: We are not a large-scale event supply business
(we do not have multiples of tables or chairs, dinette supplies, linens, Signs. etc.) 
We do not take the place of an event planner (as needed) as it pertains to outside catering, photography, etc.   

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